The heart is the substance.

Monday, June 28, 2010

the reverend

It's a new phase of life. The reverend part has begun. And let me just say, I am happy. Certainly there are still disappointments and setbacks- there are still things I wish were different, but I have finally been affirmed in this calling that I have had since twelve or thirteen. On July 4th, I will preside over my first Holy Communion and the following week I will get to serve the same sacrament to my youth. And I already feel holy. I feel honored and special. And it is amazing to feel happy, something I don't always feel.

A lot of people I know hesitate to tell people they are a minister. But lately, I've been finding myself telling people right out. I don't just say, "I work at a church." I say, "I am a pastor." It is one of the most fulfilling things to say I work for God.

I don't know what is next, and let's face it, I never do. I can't say what will happen tomorrow. I don't know where I will be next year. But I know that God is with me and I pray that whatever is next, I can endure.