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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birth- day

Yesterday was my birthday (26th to be precise). I spent most of the day at the Virginia Annual Conference, meeting the new pastors I will be working with and making a few contacts up in VA. I got to attend the Duke luncheon with my District Superintendent and his wife (also a pastor). They are awesome and my surrogate parents in Virginia. I drove up through Williamsburg to check out a little cottage, but I didn't get to see inside it. I did get to drive by Colonial Williamsburg! I was so excited and I can't wait to go take the whole tour (I'm such a nerd).

I drove to Richmond to visit my friend K. We went to dinner at the cheesecake factory and K got the waiter to construct a quartet to sing happy birthday. They also spelled happy birthday out on the plate. AND we ate outside (my favorite).

I am thankful for all of the friends who called and messaged to wish me a happy birthday.


I have been having very vivid and strange dreams lately. Many of them include various folks from my past. It is always strange when someone shows up in a dream that you haven't thought about or seen in a long time. It seems sudden, but it does not always seem random. I always wonder about how that person is doing, what they are doing. I had a dream that a friend from college was an artist and made these grand metal sculptures.... random.

In case you were wondering, I do not like dreaming... it disturbs me. And while they say that dreaming is a sign of good sleep, I always feel like I don't sleep as well when I dream.

What do dreams have to do with hearts, you may ask...??? I am now taking a beta-blocker for my heart and one of the side effects is dreaming. Annoying and true. In general, I would say I am a person who rarely dreams, but since I have been on the medication, I am not able to sleep without dreaming. I'm guessing I will get used to it.

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